With over 100 years‚ experience between us in the demolition industry, Liston Group are now proud to be expanding on our already well-established service list by offering remediation services.

We understand the importance of being able to move forward with your construction projects in a timely and efficient manner, which is why Liston Group takes contamination very seriously. Our remediation service includes:

Initial Site Investigation : We will conduct a full assessment of the site, potential risks and problem areas and then present our remediation strategy.

Asbestos & Soil : We follow the correct health and safety procedures for identifying asbestos contamination in soils and remove any materials classed as hazardous waste.

Bioremediation : This involves neutralising any pollutants found on the contaminated site with naturally occurring organisms. This will ensure there is no threat to the environment and the site is safe to build upon.

Invasive Species : Removal of invasive weeds that can cause structural damage, and treatment to prevent continued growth.

Groundwater treatment : We have the latest technologies to be able to perform a thorough decontamination of groundwater on a small or large scale.

Recycling materials : We also believe in recycling all materials where possible, with a strong focus on waste management and resourceful reuse of recovered materials.

Engineering : We also can prepare the building platform to start the building process. By means of stabilisation. All our remediation projects are completed to meet standard regulations, and delivered on time and to the best quality. An effective remediation process can prevent any future costs, disputes and delays in production. We aim to cover all bases so that you can get your construction project off the ground as quickly as possible.